Grabber Delineator Cone, 42In., Reflective, Low Density, Rubber Base

Flexstake UM 300 Series Soil Anchors

Flexstake UM 300 Series Soil Anchors

Flexstake 100 Series Guard Rail Delineators

Protect guard rails from vehicular traffic
Made to order

Add a bit of extra visibility and impact resistance to protect a road's guard rails from wide load vehicles, lawn mowers and other low-hanging equipment that might cause damage. Available in several height and color options to fit your specific needs.

Each item includes:

  • (1) Guard rail delineator in your choice of height and color
  • (Optional) Reflective sheeting (3 in. by 8 in. 3m high intensity sheeting in your choice of color)

Features and benefits:

  • Choose from seven color options: Red, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gray (custom options available. Call 1-866-715-6006 for details)
  • Choose from five height options to meet your needs
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation and mounting. Hardware (screw or nails) not included
  • Colorfast and resistant to UV light
  • Tested to withstand hits up to 50 hits, and to be self-erecting after impact 


  • Post material: Polycarbonate
  • Post height: 19 in., 24 in., 30 in., 36 in., 48 in.
  • Post width: 3 in.
  • Post wall thickness: 0.18 in.
  • Reflective sheeting measurements: 3 in. x 8 in.
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.




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