eQ SLQ3000 Call Forward LCD Media System

A queue management system and technology platform with capability for digital media.
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The eQ SLQ3000 Call Forward LCD Media System is a next generation call forward system that has the capability to incorporate digital media, manage a database or reporting information, and manage advertising media. It is not only a queue management system, but a technology platform as well. It allows for additional revenue by way of customer promotional campaigns and additional opportunities for selling advertising space. It manages customers fairly and fast and greatly improves overall operational efficiencies. 

Features and benefits:

  • A fully wireless eQ™ solution
  • It can be configured to your precise requirements depending on your own specific needs
  • It uses a fast-operating Tensator Media Hub and enables the use of digital media
  • Option to select from a wide variety of male or female call forward messages, and you can even record your own
  • 23” wide screen LCD CDU unit and a choice of PDUs

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