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Dressage Arena and Horse Jumps

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Horse Jumps For Sale | Dressage Arena Letters | Crowd Control Store guide below!

Dressage Arena and Horse Jumps

If you're looking for affordable, high quality Dressage Arena Letters or Rings look no further than the EQmanufacturing Dressage Pro or Dressage Master Arena.  Great for training, competitions, and combined training, both Arenas are easy to set up and transport, not to mention pleasing to the eye. Unlike many other dressage rings made of PVC or cheap plastic that over time can splinter, fade, and break, our arena posts are made from solid, bright white, environmentally friendly recycled plastic with a finish that resembles lumber.  Our horse jumps for sale are durable, maintenance free, weather resistant, and most importantly, much safer and better for the environment than PVC Dressage Arenas.  Moreover, they are backed by a full warranty.  

Our elegant Dressage Letters are available as stand alone letters, or Dressage Tower Letters designed to withstand even the windiest conditions.  These exceptionally stable cones have the appropriate letters and centerline letters painted on at a height that allows them to be seen from a distance over all types of arena rails.  The unique design prevents the cones from sticking together when stacked.  UV treated Rail and Wall Letters are also available. 

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Horse Jumps For Sale | Dressage Arena Letters | Crowd Control Store guide below!

Horse Jumps For Sale | Dressage Arena Letters | Crowd Control Store Guide


We have a number of items available for equestrian events, from training to competitions to shows and displays. From arenas to cones, letters, and markers to horse jumps and accentuating décor and stable equipment, we have a comprehensive selection of items for your dressage and equestrian needs.



There are a number of arenas available for dressage purposes, but which one is right for which application? Chain arenas, which feature posts connected by plastic chain, can be used for practice or training purposes, but do not meet competition regulations and standards. They are, however, more economical for those who wish to have their own arena for practice purposes. For competition, you’ll need an arena with solid rails.




There are a number of options available for letter markers to delineate your dressage path. Cones are an economical choice that is also useful for training and practice, while towers are a bit fancier, sturdier and more visible, and feature planters that allow you to decorate them with flowers for a bit of extra aesthetic appeal. There are also octagonal letter signs that can be mounted on posts, as well as rail and wall-mountable letters.



Several products are available for jump training, including stacker systems with adjustable poles, and cavaletti systems for smaller and incremental jumps, and post standards for jumps as high as 6 feet. There are also separate posts, poles and pinless jump cups to set up your own jump system. Most jump systems and separate items are offered in various colors to suit your décor.



Many items are available to help you out in the stables, as well as keep your arena looking good. Brush boxes, flower boxes and flower strips, with or without flowers, keep the aesthetic appeal going strong. An arena gate top cap, in either horse or gothic style, is another way to add a bit of class to your arena setup.

Saddle racks, bridle racks, and tack trunks can keep your gear efficiently stored and stowed. And mounting blocks will help you get on your horse without putting undue stress on the animal.


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