Delineator Post 25-Pack

An all-in-one traffic control solution for large-scale applications
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This 25 Pack of Delineator Traffic Safety Posts is a convenient way to get a full traffic control solution all at once. These posts are quick and easy to set up and lightweight (15.5 lbs.) with a rugged and durable rubber base and reflective striping for increased stability and visibility, respectively. These low maintenance delineator posts are great for traffic control, construction and road work, and poor weather conditions on streets and in parking lots or garages. 

Each item contains: 

  • (25) Delineator posts with rubber base
  • Optional - (25) Plastic LED barricade lights 
  • Optional - (25) 9mm plastic eye bolt connectors with S-Hooks for plastic chain (sold separately)

Features and benefits:

  • All-in-One crowd and traffic control solution gives you 25 posts to set up however and wherever you desire
  • Reflective bands (2 on each post) increase visibility in low-light conditions
  • Bright safety orange coloration is easy to see
  • T-top carry handle for convenience 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Base Width: 16.6 in
  • Base Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Reflective Marking: Two High Intensity Reflective Bands
  • Post Diameter: 4 in

Meets NCHRP-350 standard

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Cut Costs and Improve Safety with Delineator Posts

Delineator posts improve traffic safety drastically, there is no question about that. They help to alert motorists of potential danger and places to avoid driving close to. They also make medians, road dividers, and more highly visible at night, when regular concrete may not be easily seen. If a hazard is on the ground, these posts bring attention to it by rising high off of the ground.

25-Pack Delineator Posts

This delineator post 25-pack is perfect because it offers a number of different posts you can use all-together or at once. They provide a full traffic solution all-in-one. They are lightweight and easy to set up. They are rugged enough to withstand traffic and tough conditions with a durable rubber base and reflective striping for high visibility.

Delineator posts have many traffic-related uses. They can be used to guide traffic in areas like parking lots, garages, and anywhere that there might be tight turns and caution needs to be used. It is a great way to prevent drivers from swerving into the wrong lane, which can cause a huge problem or accident in tight conditions. These posts can also guide traffic to change lanes or make a turn, whatever is necessary to protect both the cars and the zone you are trying to keep them out of. They are flexible, which means that in the event that a car does strike one, the car will not be heavily damaged. Instead, the driver will be alerted to the mistake and can correct their movement.

Delineator posts even help to cut costs. They reduce accidents because they are a highly visible way to keep vehicle traffic where it is supposed to be. And, as mentioned, if they do get struck by a vehicle they will not cause excessive damage, which reduces liability. The posts themselves will not be destroyed in a light impact, so they can be used again and again.

These posts come with optional LED barricade lights to increase visibility even more, and they can also be equipped with 9mm plastic eye bolt connectors with S-hooks for a plastic chain. They are easy to maneuver so that you can set them up how you want to when you want to. 

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