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Custom Products

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Customizable Products guide below!

Custom Products


Welcome to our custom product area! Looking to focus attention on your brand, draw eyes to a promotion, or impart an important message to your customers or passers-by? Our custom products will do the trick, offering you many ways to take advantage of advertising and instructing in high visibility, non-traditional areas. Print your brand logo, new promotion, custom artwork or message on nearly everything! Custom stanchion posts, custom barricade banners, custom banners for retractable belts (or custom belts themselves). Print your message or logo on custom traffic cones, floor mats, and signs!

In addition to custom advertising, printing a warning or caution message on a sign, belt or cone is an excellent idea for efficient, visible crowd control for directing traffic or keeping people from off-limits areas. If it’s a crowd control product, chances are we’ve got a way to customize it! Our graphics department is standing by to make your customization dreams a reality!

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Customizable Products guide below!

Customizable Products Guide


Many items at can be customized with logos, artwork or other images and text to transform your crowd control solution into a unique branding experience or directional tool. Let’s check out what can be done with each of these items, and which situations suit each option.



Both plastic posts and retractable belt barriers can be customized with graphics. This involves a “wrap” that encircles the post and adheres to it, or stenciled vinyl lettering that runs vertically down the post. Custom stanchions can showcase the logo of your corporation or organization, the name of your company, or warning/hazard text or identifying text to make clear the purpose of the stanchion. It also serves as a theft deterrent, as logos and text can make it obvious who the stanchion posts belong to. Posts don’t provide a large surface area, so beyond a few words of text or a repeated logo, your options for custom graphics may be somewhat limited.



A retractable banner is used with retractable belt barriers. In place of the normal belt, a stiff rail attaches to each post, allowing a banner to hang between them. The banner is typically tied to the bottom of each post to keep it stable. These banners have a large flat surface area (usually around 55 inches by 34 inches) allowing you to use a large image, brand logo or text message to convey instructions, promotion, warnings or branding. They can be made of vinyl, or mesh to allow air to pass through them without blowing the banner around.



Like retractable belt banners, barricade banners and covers provide a large surface area to showcase your image or message. They provide an eight foot wide space to feature any graphics or text you desire, allowing you to take advantage of a huge marketing or informational space that typically goes unused. There are two styles: a panel style banner that covers the front and back of the barricade, strapping together around the edges via Velcro style closures, or a more traditional banner that lies across the bars of the barricade.



Custom belts for retractable belt stanchions and wall mounted belt barriers are available in many different lengths and colors, and can feature just about any design or text you want. Like posts, the surface area is limited, so your options are pretty much restricted to repeated text or logos. However, it’s a great way to convey warning or instruction that’s easy to see, and design branded belts can help you keep track of which posts belong to your organization.



Custom cones and delineator posts can take the visibility of a brightly colored delineator/barrier one step further. Using vinyl or spray painted stencil, these cones and posts can feature a single color, vertically printed message that makes their purpose clear, or marks them with your company name to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.



A plastic folding sign is a quick and easy way to impart instruction: wet floor, no smoking, high voltage, etc.  It’s a brightly colored, prominent and highly visible tool, particularly when relating a hazard or warning message. It can also be customized with any message you desire, to fit your specific application.

Custom stanchion sign frames let you convert your retractable belt posts into informational opportunities to direct or inform patrons. Acrylic sign inserts can be customized with whatever text you wish, or you can use clear acrylic inserts to sandwich your own design printed on paper.



Customized floor mats are a great way to reinforce your brand at the entryway to your corporate space, retail store, school, hotel, or event space, while also keeping your floor clean. Vinyl and nylon options are available, with sizes ranging from 2 feet by 3 feet to 4 feet by 8 feet. Multiple color combinations are available to get your logo or image just right.

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