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Classic and Rope Stanchions

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Crowd Control Stanchions | Ropes And Stanchions guide below!

What happens when you run out of Stanchions but still have some area that needs to be blocked off? Stanchions won't go flush with the wall, either (unless they're wall-mounted). The ensure the most comprehensive crowd control, using a Wall-Mounted Receiving End in conjunction with a Retractable Belt system will allow you to keep your belts running right up to the walls.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Crowd Control Stanchions | Ropes And Stanchions guide below!

Crowd Control Stanchions | Ropes And Stanchions Guide


These crowd control stanchions are tried and true, traditional and elegant method of crowd control. These posts have aesthetic appeal, and typically feature velour rope, twisted nylon, or metal chain to connect them, creating a barrier to direct foot traffic or lines of people. While the traditional post and rope set up is the norm, there are a number of different styles for our crowd control stanchions that are better suited to certain applications. Let’s take a look at the different options of crowd control posts and materials available.




The classic metal stanchion post is composed of a post, a base, a top and a loop near the top where a chain or rope can be attached. A number of different finishes are available, typically in a polished metal, and tops may be shaped in different styles including urnball or flat top designs. These posts are portable and relatively lightweight, but still solid and stable enough to provide adequate crowd and queue control. Crowd control posts are great for pop up events that require a certain flair, like red carpet style events. Or they can be used continuously at hotels, galleries, museums, theaters or any other upscale facility.

Classic Metal Stanchion Posts




Imagine a classic metal stanchion, but without the base. That’s essentially what fixed and removable posts are. Instead of a base for stability, these posts are secured into the ground. In the case of fixed posts, they’re installed directly into the ground. For removable posts, a socket receptacle is installed into the ground, and the post is attached to it when desired. These posts provide more stability and are difficult to tamper with when compared to portable stanchions, but they are also more permanent and can’t be easily reconfigured.

 Fixed and Removable Stanchion Posts


Stanchion posts aren’t much good at crowd control without something between them to actually create a barrier. Typically, this is accomplished via one of two options: a rope, or a metal chain. The barrier created is mostly visual; it’s not going to physically stop anyone from crossing it, but it serves as a divider to make clear where traffic is supposed to flow, and which areas are meant to be avoided.

Ropes are usually either a velour style with a velvety covering, or twisted nylon ropes. They are available in a number of colors to match the desired décor, and provide a nice, elegant aesthetic. Snap or hook ends can usually be made to match the finish of the post they’re attached to.

Metal chain can also be used to create a barrier that’s a bit more substantial, but lacks the visual flair of rope options.

Ropes and Metal Chains



Rather than a chain or rope, railing systems use metal rails between stanchions that create a more substantial and solid, yet still modular and versatile, barrier system. Double rails are available that make an even more effective crowd control and direction system. They can also typically be easily coupled with gates or turnstile systems, in addition to being an effective standalone barrier method. Railing systems are a good choice when security is a priority over aesthetics, and are right at home in sports facilities, stadiums, office buildings, convention centers and more.

Railing Systems

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