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Check out our Stanchion Storage Carts | Convertible Hand Trucks guide below!

At CrowdControlStore, we know that a big part of a great crowd control set-up is transportation. Things need to get from Point A to Point B (and sometimes C, D, etc.). That’s why we offer all manner of utility carts to help you transport and store your traffic control and safety equipment, or anything else you need to cart around.


Our heavy duty barricade carts feature all steel construction built to hold up to 30 full size barricades! They're a great way to easily and efficiently store and transport barricades. Likewise, our stanchion storage carts can hold up to 18 posts, and also feature a convenient stacking method for storage. These stanchion storage carts and post transporters can handle classic posts and retractable belt barriers.


For everything else, our stow-away dollies and convertible hand trucks, folding carts and convertible trucks can take care of virtually all your stuff-moving needs! These rolling carts are heavy duty, versatile, and economical.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Stanchion Storage Carts | Convertible Hand Trucks guide below!

Stanchion Storage Carts | Convertible Hand Trucks Guide


Carts are a convenient tool for transporting multiple heavy items over distances where simply carrying items would be difficult, time consuming and impractical. Many of our cart items are tailor made to help you transport crowd control products specifically, as well as store them, making setup, takedown and reconfiguration much quicker and more efficient.



Stanchion carts are specially designed to transport and store posts. Most types work with the three major stanchion varieties: classic metal posts, plastic posts, and retractable belt barriers. There are flat carts that transport posts vertically as well as tiered carts that store posts in a lying down position, using multiple levels. These multi-level carts have the added benefit of efficiently storing stanchion posts when not in use.

There are also individual post dollies that let you transport single posts by docking the post base to the dolly, tilting back, and rolling the dolly while holding the post to guide. This is less efficient than a full size stanchion cart, obviously, but it gets the job done quicker than carrying each stanchion individually, and involves significantly less heavy lifting.



Barricade storage and transport carts perform basically the same functions as stanchion carts, but this time for steel fence barricades. These carts efficiently store and transport 6 foot or 8 foot long barricades, allowing you to easily get them where they need to be set up without manually lifting and carrying each barrier. These carts feature adjustable rails that can store up to 30 barricades on a single cart.



Hand trucks are a convenient way to transport anything that might be too cumbersome to move by hand. There are simple two wheeled hand trucks which gives you the basics, but if you want a little bit more functionality, there are many convertible options that operate on either two or four wheels. Additionally, a stow-away cart can be folded down to a small, compact, and nearly flat shape and size in order to be conveniently and easily stored when not needed, while taking up as little space as possible.


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