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Visiontron is a family-owned American manufacturer that has been designing crowd control products for over 50 years. The People Guidance Pros, as Visiontron Corp is otherwise known as, specialize in custom crowd control solutions. While they have stock product lines like their famous RETRACTA-BELT® stanchions, their true strength is in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility full of specialized equipment and highly skilled engineers. Their team focuses on product innovation and the science of guiding people through different facilities to create the perfect queue solutions for you.

Visiontron People Guidance Pros logo

Vision tron started off in the airline industry by creating some of the first mechanical signs for flight information. Their signs quickly replaced chalkboards in many airports, even though most are digital now. Those signs were proudly made in the U.S.A. just like most of their products are today. Visiontron prides themselves on fast production and delivery, striving for 24-hour turnaround times even on custom projects. Visiontron Corp also provides some of the best warranties in the industry and top-quality products that are always supported, easy to maintain, and often well out-live their warranty years which saves you money.

Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT Products

The RETRACTA-BELT name is reserved for products designed by Visiontron engineers to be better than the competition. These retractable belt posts and wall mounts come with top safety features and innovative methods for installation and common marketplace issues. This means all belts include a slow retracting mechanism and locks to keep RETRACTA BELT users and their patrons safe. Belts are all at least 10’ long, which means needing less Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT products than shorter belt competing brands and are made of polyester. Why polyester instead of nylon? Quite simply polyester is more durable and less prone to fraying, Visiontron always focuses on quality.

However, the Visiontron stanchions really shine by offering EVERStraight Technology on their RETRACTA Belts. Most posts use through bolts to connect their bases, which also means longer assembly requiring tools. Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT stanchions feature a threaded pipe connection which easily screws in by hand and is designed to stay straight for a lifetime. If ever it does become loose a simple twist gets you back to stability.  Yet again RETRACTA-BELT products save you money through less maintenance or replacement costs. Every Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT product is fully customizable with virtually unlimited post finishes, base types, outdoor weatherproofing, belt colors (with multiple lengths, sizes, and quantities), and installation methods. If you do not see what you are looking for give Crowd Control Store a call and we can get it for you!

Premium Retractable Belt Stanchions

Value Yellow Retractable Black Yellow Diagonal Belt Wall Mount

Visiontron Baggage Sizer

Baggage Sizer, Airport Display Board, and Other Products by Visiontron Corp

The airport display board was one of Visiontron’s first products and the airline industry continues to be one of their strongest channels. They create new products every day to serve specific needs like increased security and travel regulations. Visiontron also specializes in baggage sizers to easily determine if passenger bags meet requirements, and custom projects such as large rolling crowd control panel walls for security, privacy, and even branding opportunities. Another popular airport product is their security swing gates, which again can be fully customized. While those airport display boards turned into sign frames, sign posts, and even large Versa-Stand sign towers, Visiontron is there to help guide passengers.

In addition to baggage sizers and other airport products, which make great use of RETRACTA-BELT stanchions, Visiontron serves many other industries. The people guidance pros signs, stanchions, and panels are also prominently featured at large stadiums to smaller concession stands around the country. Their classic metal posts and crowd control ropes are perfect for movie theaters, casinos, and other red carpet events. Wall mounted retractable belt stanchions by vision tron can be found in safety worksites, retail warehouses, and any place where space is a concern. They also have magnetic wall mounts. Police, Fire, construction, and other agencies can benefit from their bike rack barricades and the innovative RETRACTA-CADE quick deployment barricade system.

We have found Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT products are also a popular option for churches, retail checkout lines, cruise lines, amusement parks, and hospitals. Anywhere there are people to guide, a Visiontron product can help you do it!

RETRACTA BELT and other Vision tron Featured Products on Crowd Control Store

Looking to buy your Visiontron RETRACTA-BELT products immediately for quick delivery, discount prices, and expert industry customer service? We have a full range of RETRACTA Belt and other Visiontron Corp products for sale and ready to ship. You can always call Crowd Control Store for large order discounts, shipping quantity breaks, or to help customize an order if you do not see a color, finish, or product on our site that you need. We are also always excited to discuss your specific needs to help you select the correct crowd control product for your application.

Some of our favorite Vision tron products are:

Visiontron Prime line of RETRACTA BELT Stanchions

While the entry level version, these Visiontron RETRACTA Belt prime stanchions still stand head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, many times quite literally. We have found most other entry level line dividers cut corners to get those enticing discount prices. One typical trick is post height. A standard stanchion pole is 40” tall, just like our Visiontron model, yet many competitors measure in at 36” or less.

Those competing products also offer shorter belts. So, while current guidelines are at 6’ apart you still need almost twice as many discount brand 6-7’ long retractable belts to cover the same distance as the Vision tron 10’ models. They also include all the top safety features such as locking belts. These RETRACTABELT stanchions are also available in outdoor ready version, multiple finishes, and belt colors. The best part? They still feature Visiontron Corp patented EverStraight technology with no-tools assembly and a 3-year warranty!

Visiontron WM412 Wall Mounted Belts

The WM412 Series by Visiontron Corp is the most versatile wall mounted stanchion we can find. It is available in multiple mounting options, we carry fixed / removable wall plate and a magnetic wall mount variety, but they also have suction cups, hooks, and others we can obtain for your various mounting needs. The retracta belt ends also have multiple options where again we carry a standard unit that can hook into available receiving ends that attach to a wall, or the receiving ends of your existing stanchions.

Value Yellow Retractable Black Yellow Diagonal Belt Wall Mount

Value Black Retractable Caution Do Not Enter Belt Wall Mount

The belts of course include standard safety features and that durable polyester design while coming in a rainbow of colors or specialty prints. We can even have them custom printed for you! Design quality extends to the, weather resistant, ABS body which can survive multiple drops and is backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Visiontron Prime Sign Frame Kit

Stanchions are only half the people guidance equation. Sign frame kits allow directional signs to be added to your queue. The Visiontron Prime sign frame kit comes with a sturdy sign frame, stanchion topper connection cone, and two plexi-glass inserts for protecting your sign. The sign frame is made from heavy duty steel with welded corners for added durability. No cheap plastic that can crack or warp over time in this frame kit.

Value Smooth Black Sign Frame with Adapter 8.5x11

The easy adapter cone slides onto most 2.5” retractable or conventional post tops. It is sized to hold standard 8.5” x 11” inserts and comes in either black or polished chrome finish. The clear inserts work with standard paper signs, or you can use a 1/4” custom printed rigid sign. As always, you can reach out to our team of friendly crowd control experts to help you find or even custom design and print signs for you.

Visiontron Prime Classic Metal Stanchion & Crowd Control Rope Sets

Perhaps not surprisingly, a Visiontron Prime product rounds out our choices for featured products. Yet again these metal posts never sacrifice quality to hit a discount price. Most other entry level posts and ropes stanchions will try and tease you with a plain black post price. This is fine for most retractable units, and even our most popular finish for the flat top model, however we know our customers are typically looking for gold stanchions with ball tops or silver metal poles with an urn top to match their décor.

Prime Classic Ball Top Brass Stanchion 4pc Red Rope

The Visiontron Corp items are competitively priced no matter the finish or design and feature their patented EverStraight technology with no-tools assembly plus a 3-year warranty. This means the total cost of ownership is less due to easy setup, virtually no maintenance, and long-lasting life of the product. The crowd control ropes are even better. Most entry level ropes have weak foam cores that sag, rumple, and just look cheap. The Vision tron velvet ropes feature a thick cotton core that holds it shape and feels luxurious. They are available in 3 popular colors like black, blue, and red velvet ropes that you can get shipped quickly and at a discount by buying in pre-made sets!

Fully Compatible with Beltrac and Tensabarrier Stanchions

Visiontron stanchions, including RETRACTABELT prime models, use a universal belt end. This means they can be added in seamlessly to your existing queue solutions no matter what brand you currently have. We get asked all the time for prices and availability of tensa barriers as if that is the industry term. However the Tensator products, by Lawrence Metal stanchions, just have some name recognition similar to Kleenex. With all of the available options, and industry leading warranty, we are confident a Visiontron 300 series stanchion can either be matched to an existing Lawrence stanchion, or completely upgrade your crowd control needs.

Lavi does offer a line of stanchions with a slightly different look and connection point. However Visiontron has you covered here as well with their 280 series posts. Crowd Control Store proudly carries this American made product as well. Check out our grooved posts offering if you are looking for Lavi Beltrac comparable items, or the 300 series for Lawrence crowd control comparable items.


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