Beltrac 3100 Dual Line Belt Post 13Ft. Belts

Beltrac 3100 dual line retractable belt stanchions for crowd control. Post features: 40 inch high, 2.75 inch diameter post, 14 inch diameter base, 30 pound weight, 13 foot retractable belt length. Lower belt is 22 inches from floor.
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The Beltrac stanchions are patented architecturally acclaimed public guidance posts. Each post contains 4 dovetail grooves designed to function as imbedded receivers for retractable belts or other attachments. To protect flooring in the queuing line, all posts come with a standard non-marking base. Post height 40"; base 14", dual 13 foot belt length. The lower belt is 22" above the floor. Choose from a variety of post finishes and belt colors.


Post Height: 40"
Base Diameter: 14"
Belt Length: Dual 13 foot belts (lower belt is 22" above the floor)

This Dual Line Belt Post Adds Extra Security


What’s better than a classic stanchion with one belt? The Beltrac 3100 Dual Line Belt Post! This patented stanchion is an architecturally acclaimed public guidance post with an extra layer of security in the form of a second belt. One belt definitely does the trick in most cases, but for heavy-duty line queueing situations and times when you may need another level of protection.

When people see a belted stanchion, it is intended that they will respect it and stay within the boundaries it creates. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially in situations where people may be in a rush or want to beat someone else to the front of the line. With a one-belt stanchion, people can easily cut underneath and skip the line or access a place that they shouldn’t. Having an additional belt, on the other hand, can help:

  • Keep children in line so that they don’t wander out of line or where they shouldn’t go
  • Prevent people from ducking under the belt
  • Helps guide the visually impaired
  • Makes a more clear barrier and exudes additional authority
  • Keep luggage, boxes, and other items in line to prevent trips, falls, and injury

This Beltrac dual belt post is perfect for places like:

  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Fairs
  • Amusement Parks
  • Concert venues
  • And more!

The Beltrac belt post comes with a non-marking, standard base in order to protect your floors. The post height is 40” and the base is 14”. The belts are 13 feet long, and you can choose from a wide variety of post finishes and belt colors to complete your look! 


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