Crowd Control Barriers and Event Barricades are essential tools for traffic safety

Crowd control barricades, or crowd control fencing, is an indispensable tool for any crowd control plan. A durable crowd control barricade can help you keep your event operating in an orderly fashion while keeping unwanted vehicular and foot traffic away from restricted areas. Whether you need barricades to section off a construction site or you’re setting up a VIP area at a rock concert, Crowd Control Store has the outdoor barricades you need to keep everything safe and secure.

Traffic barriers and crowd control barricades are indispensable tools for any crowd control plan.

  • Heavy Duty Steel or Plastic
  • Interlocking for Long Spans
  • Traffic or Pedestrian Control
  • High Visbility Reflective Bands
  • Heavy Duty Steel or Plastic
  • Interlocking for Long Spans
  • Traffic or Pedestrian Control
  • High Vis Reflective Bands
  • 30′ to 65′ Long Span Retractable Belts
  • Available in Multiple Colors & Finishes
Full Range of Accessories to Expand Your Traffic Safety and Work Site Solutions
  • 30′ to 65′ Retractable Belts
  • Multiple Colors & Finishes

Full Range of Accessories to Expand Your Traffic Safety Solutions


For help finding the right product, contact a Crowd Control Expert (866) 715-6006

For help finding the right product, call an Expert: (866) 715-6006

Do you need highly portable crowd control barricades that allow you to direct people and cars away from a job site or road construction area? Our type II traffic barricades look like a traffic sawhorse, and you can fold them up to easily transport or store them until their next use. These PVC plastic crowd control barricades have high-visibility reflective sheeting on the top and bottom panels, along with UV inhibitors to reduce fading.

You can also choose our type III crowd control barricades, which can legally be used to close a road. These combination PVC plastic and metal crowd control barricades have at least 270 square inches of reflective sheeting, making them an excellent option for high-traffic road safety barriers.

Interlocking crowd control event barricades are always popular, and we have them available in steel and plastic styles. These barriers are 100% weather-resistant, no matter which style you choose. Our galvanized steel interlocking barricades come with a welded sign and carrying handles for convenient setup and teardown processes. Meanwhile, our premium interlocking plastic crowd control barricades come with ADA-compliant ergonomic handrails and double-sided locks that allow you to set them up on uneven ground.

We even offer the top-of-the-line Visiontron stand mount crowd control barricade. These metal traffic barricades have quick-deploying legs that conveniently fold up for storage, and their 65-foot belts are the longest you’ll find anywhere. If you need to set up and take down crowd control barricades quickly, you won’t find a better option!

Along with our extensive selection of crowd control barricades, we offer many accessories to help you make the most of your setup. For instance, if you’re looking to make your barriers even more noticeable than they already are, you can purchase our ten-pack of barricade safety lights. These weather-resistant lights include high-visibility LED bulbs which you can set to a steady light or flashing setting.

Do you need some help choosing the right crowd control barricades for your event? Are you interested in learning more about any of the barriers in our inventory? Our Crowd Control Store representatives are ready to tell you all about our collection of barricades for sale. Simply give us a call at (866) 715-6006 to speak with one of our expert team members today!

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