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It takes a lot to keep an airport running smoothly. Paramount among the concerns, in addition to keeping everything clean, organized and running smoothly, is airport safety. We offer a wide range of safety supplies to address this both inside the airport and out on the runway.


For the runway, we’ve got low profile airport barricades, closure markers and flags, as well as LED safety wands, warning signs and brightly colored safety clothing. Bird and wildlife repellers are also available to help keep the skies free and clear; from sonic repellers to visual repellers. In addition to our low profile barricades, we’ve got channelizer drums, delineator posts and more for any airport construction project. Extra long span retractable belt barriers can also help direct foot traffic on the tarmac.

To keep things safe and organized inside the airport, we offer a range of safety and security products, including body scanners and metal detectors (both handheld and walk-through), security turnstiles and gates, and of course, receptacles for waste. Everything you need to direct and control ground traffic – be it pedestrian, vehicle, or plane – is right here.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Airport Store: Equipment & Products guide below!

Airport Store: Equipment & Products Guide

Efficiency and safety are two top priorities at airports. People want to get where they’re going on time, and they want to get there safely. They also want to have a safe and comfortable experience while at the airport. There are a number of products that help accomplish all this. Let’s take a look at those offered by, and how each one can help airports operate smoothly


Closure Markers and Safety Flags

Crystal clear identification is very important at any airport, particularly on tarmacs and runways. FAA compliant safety flagscan clearly mark vehicles, poles and other obstructions so they can be seen when needed. The checked white and bright orange pattern, as well as the 36 inch by 36 inch size, ensure it’s highly visible.

Closure markers communicate to pilots which runways are closed for takeoff, taxiing and landing. There are two types available, and both share a yellow coloration and an “X” shape. However, one type is vertical model made of steel tubing with white and amber lights for extra visibility, while the second is made of nylon and lies across the runway, relying on the coloration to be seen. The nylon version is far more economical than the steel version.


Airport Barricades and Application

Low profile airport barricades are designed to be able to maintain their position even in the face of jet blast, prop wash, wing vortex, or any other aircraft related currents that would blow away taller barriers. This makes them great for under construction or off-limits areas on airport runways and tarmacs. Their bright orange coloration ensures they can be seen, and barricade flags are available for a little extra visibility.


Safety Equipment: Hard Hat, Cap, Barriers, Belts and Lights

In general, you want to enhance visibility whenever possible in an airport setting. For the individual, brightly colored hard hats,fluorescent caps and reflective safety belts and make sure you’re seen even in low visibility conditions. Powerflare safety lights can increase that even more.

Retractable belt stanchionsdelineator postscone toppers andwarning barriers are all available in vibrant color options to ensure they’re seen, allowing you to create an effective visual barrier perimeter for areas you’d wish to block access to. Extra long belt barriers are particularly effective for runway/tarmac applications to direct foot traffic or mark areas as off-limits.


Examples of Bird Repellers

At an airport, it’s of paramount importance that the airplanes are the only thing in the sky. Bird strikes can damage planes and, in extreme cases, cause an emergency situation. There are many deterrents available to discourage birds away from certain areas, from bird nets and spikes that make it difficult for them to land, tosonic repellers that emit noises that disorient birds to ward them away from specific locations. There are also visual repellers, which include decoys shaped like owls or coyotes to simulate predators.


Security Scanners, Turnstiles and Gates

Safety and security extends beyond the runway and tarmac, and definitely applies to within the terminals as well. Swing gates,stadium style turnstiles and optical turnstiles can prevent access to off-limits areas, as well as ensure that people don’t wander into areas without passing through security checkpoints.

Handheld scanners and metal detectors can help security staff pinpoint location of items that show up on body scanners. There are also several walk-through scanner options as well.


Safety Wand Examples

Airport batons and wands are helpful for marshaling airplanes as well as guiding traffic. Their LED lights make them a great solution for low-light situations, and they can be used anywhere from parking lots to construction zones and traffic emergency areas, in addition to airport tarmacs.

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