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Low Profile and Airport Barricades

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Check out our Airport Barricades | Parking Barriers guide below!

Low Profile and Airport Barricades

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Our airport barricades are a durable, maintenance-free answer to work zone protection, perfect for use in airports.


The non-conductive material on our parking lot and airport barriers guarantees that they won't spark when struck by an object, making these barricades safe for use in fueling zones. The modular design allows the barriers to be connected to each other to form a tamper-proof temporary fence wall that can withstand jet blasts, while the built-in forkholes make them easy to stack and store. The bright orange color and reflective sheeting on the parking lot barriers ensures maximum visibility in adverse conditions. Airport barrier flags are also available for even more visibility.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Airport Barricades | Parking Barriers guide below!

Airport Barricades | Parking Barriers Guide


What separates an airport barricade from any other barricade? Can’t you just stick a standard barricade in an airport setting and call it an “airport barricade”? Well, it turns out it’s not quite that simple. Turns out, there are certain standards that come into play when you’re setting up a barrier in an area that will be traversed by gigantic sky machines. Let’s see what separates these barriers from your garden variety barricades.



The biggest difference between standard and airport barricades is the “low profile” nature of the latter. These barriers are typically between 10 and 24 inches in height. While that may not deter anyone who plans on hopping over a barricade, keep in mind it’s mainly a visual barrier meant to alert people on the runway or tarmac of what areas should be considered off limits. Bright coloration, as well as a variety of available accessories and reflective sheeting, help the barriers stand out so that they can be seen by those who need to be aware of them.

The reason for their low profile nature is that they need to be able to hold their position in a variety of different circumstances, from inclement weather to getting a jet blast right in the face (metaphorically speaking). While these barricades are very lightweight when empty (around 20 lbs. a piece), they can be filled with water (ballasted) until they’re pushing 260 lbs. Something closer to the ground is less likely to blow over in the wind or be pushed over by a jet blast, so with enough ballast these barricades will stay put even when hit with wind and air speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

Typically in an airport setting, it’s critical that off-limits areas are clearly marked, and that these barriers hold their position so that, for example, a plane doesn’t end up in the wrong place because a barricade fell over or was pushed off its mark by a gust of wind. A low profile barricade properly ballasted will hold its position in such a crucial situation.



A benefit of this style of barricade is that they can be set up quickly and easily. In a critical situation where you may need to cordon off an area with time being a factor, these barriers can be set up in position easily without the use of tools. Simply by interlocking the pieces together, a continuous and unbroken barrier wall can be created in whatever length and configuration you desire.

There are even linking modules that can help you connect two barricades from different manufacturers if you find yourself in a situation that calls for it.  



As we mentioned previously, there are a variety of accessories that can help increase the visibility of low profile barricades. Making sure your barriers can be seen is imperative in a setting where so much is at stake, and airports are just such a location.

Barricade flags can increase the visual height of a barricade without actually compromising the stability of it. These orange or white flags plug easily into holes in the top of the barricade and feature plastic diagonals to help maintain their visibility even in situations without wind.

Additionally, barricade lights are an easy way to add a bit of additional visibility, especially in low light or night time circumstances. There are solar-powered lights that will automatically activate when the ambient light reaches a certain dimness level, available in both steady burn and flashing varieties to ensure that barriers and off-limits areas are easily seen even in the dark.

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