22'' X 28'' Post Top Designer Series Sign Frame for Retracta-Belts

Designer Series Sign Frames feature radius corners and available in polished chrome, polished brass or satin black. Designed for retracta-belts and conventional posts. Features: Hidden hinged top; eliminates open slot. Accepts all signs up to 1/4" thick.
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Designer Series 22 X 28 inch Sign Frames (Radius Corners) in Polished Chrome, Polished Brass Aluminum or Satin Black. They feature radius corners for a prominent look and for enhanced safety from sharp corners. These frames are extruded from heavy gauge aluminum with cast zinc corners for extra strength and durability. They feature a hinged top which eliminates an open slot on the top. This prevents customers from tampering with your signs.

Each item includes:

  • (1) 22 x 22 inch hinged sign frame in your choice of finish and corner finish for Retracta-Belt Visiontron posts
  • (Optional) Adapter that allows sign to be used with other manufacturers' posts


  • Hidden hinged top; eliminates open slot - Also makes it tamper resistant and provides easy changing of your signs without any tools.
  • Comes in polished aluminum and smooth black finishes. You can choose: all chrome or all black, or mix one with the other.
  • Easily attaches to our Retracta-Belt, along with conventional posts and sign posts without any additional hardware.
  • Accepts all signs up to 1/4" thickness; including Plexiglas signs.
  • All sizes available with non-glare Plexiglas to hold your paper signs.
  • When mounted to Retracta-Belt, all three belt clips are still accessible.

The Right Sign Frames to Help Get Your Message Across!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a sign may not have quite that many words, but it is certainly effective in getting a message across. In order to display your sign, sign frames are a must. Luckily for you, our 22” x 28” post top designer series sign frame for retracta-belts does just that!

Save Time, Money, and Effort with the Right Signs and Frames

Without signage, you would need to literally be manually directing people where to go. You’d have to spend your time or the time of your staff answering questions and helping people understand what to do. When you have a sign posted at eye-level, it will help move things along and boost your efficiency.

Signs need to be displayed correctly. As mentioned, they should be eye-level, clear, and easy to discern. The designed series sign frame was made to install easily on your stanchions. It comes in a number of different colors, allowing you to choose what color best matches the décor of your facility. It also has an adapter to make sure it is compatible with posts from other brands.

An added benefit to this sign frame is its durability. It has a hinged top through which you can place your sign, which makes it difficult for people to tamper with the actual sign itself. The hinged top is hidden, so most customers wouldn’t even know how to get in, unless they happen to have the same sign frame at home!

Benefits of Proper Signage

As we spoke about a little before, having the right signs can completely transform the functionality of your queue. Less questions will be asked, and people can easily see where they should be going or what they should be doing. As with so many other things, it is also all about placement. You can easily make sure your signs are in a place where everyone who comes through your doors can easily and immediately see them, and know what to do.

Good signs in a proper sign frame help everyone. They help the business owner, the employees, customers, and visitors. It’s a simple solution to improving the professional look and feel of your business. The only question left is: why not?!

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Frame Size 22" x 28"
Sign Insert Color N/A
Brands Visiontron
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