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 Check out our selection of stylish, functional, and durable Stanchion Ropes by top manufacturers including Visiontron, Lavi Industries, Lawrence and Equicross. No matter what your décor theme is, we can guarantee you’ll find a stanchion rope that fits perfectly into the scheme. Velour/Velvet Ropes, Twisted Nylon Ropes, Naugahyde, Hemp and more options are available to meet your post and rope stanchion needs. Choose from several colors, and pick your length; whether you need a short or long span between stanchion posts, we’ve got you covered.

Velour and velvet ropes are a wonderful choice for any upscale setting, offering a perfect VIP rope choice for red carpet events, galas, gallery or museums, openings, hotels and much more. Microfiber options are available as well. Twisted nylon ropes offer a more traditional look, and are available in a number of colors and lengths as well. Or choose durable Naugahyde fabric, which creates a faux leather look that’s both tough and visually appealing.

Don’t forget to make sure everything is perfect down to the last detail with our selection of Rope Hook and Snap Ends. Our Snap and Hook Ends feature polished metal construction with brilliant chrome, brass or steel finishes. Snap ends in particular provide extra security and stability for your post and rope set-up, making it more difficult to separate the rope from the stanchion unintentionally.

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