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Hotel & Hospitality

Volume Discounts are available on all bellman carts, drop boxes, ash receptacles, coat hanging equipment.

Hotel & Hospitality

We carry a large selection of high quality hotel and hospitality products including bellman carts, utility carts, drop boxes, receptacles, planters, janitorial supplies and more.  Our Bellman Carts and Condo Carts are the same carts you see in 5-star hotels and airports around the world.  With their large carrying capacity, they are ideal for moving luggage, garments, equipment, and much more.  Available in a wide range of finishes (including 27 designer finishes), carpet colors, and other custom options.  For safe ash, cigarette and cigar disposal, provide a source for your guests and customers to dispose of their cigarette and cigar ashes and ends with our Smoker's Posts, cigarette and ash receptacles - available in floor standing and wall mounted models and in a wide range of finishes.  Make your message stand out with our large selection of Portable Sign Stands, curb signs, counter standing signs, and letter boards.  Hand Sanitizers are becoming increasingly found in the hallways of hospitals, schools, day care centers and atop the gangways of cruise ships as one more safeguard against the hand-to-mouth spread of disease. We have everything you need including dispensers, post kits and refills.  You can find hand dryers, safety floor signs and retractable belt safety stanchions and customizable safety cones in our Janitorial Supplies section.  Locking Drop Boxes are an essential part of customer service in upscale establishments. We carry counter-mount, wall-mount and floor standing models finished in beautiful polished brass.