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Plastic Fencing

We carry a variety of lightweight plastic fencing in assorted styles including knitted barriers, event fencing, snow fences and construction fencing.

Our PolyBarrier Roll Fence is the perfect choice for construction sites, events and crowd control applications. Like most of our plastic fence offerings, it transports in rolls and installs quickly using wooden, plastic, or metal posts and zip or wire ties.

Our PVC Portable Fencing comes in picket, lattice and traditional styles. These vinyl panels have no rough surfaces, nails, splinters or sharp edges to injure spectators or participants — lowering your event's liability.

For outfield plastic fencing, athletic field division and configuration, our SportPanel® is the ideal choice. Designed for portability, these panels are lightweight, durable, weather resistant and economical.

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Hitch for SportPanel Transport Cart
Retail: $42.95
Your Price:$30.00
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

PolyBarrier - Orange Warning BF03 Safety Barrier
Retail: $68.50
Your Price:$61.98
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

Signature Portable PVC fencing SP01
Retail: $102.70
Your Price:$99.70
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

Sport Panel SNP01
Retail: $125.00
Your Price:$113.89
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

SportPanel Transport Cart
Retail: $645.95
Your Price:$574.98
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

SurePost 48 Inch SUP48 - Guidepost For PolyBarrier Tensioning
Your Price:$10.15
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

SurePost 60 Inch SUP60 - Guidepost For PolyBarrier Tensioning
Your Price:$12.25
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

SurePost 60 Inch SurePost Rope Polypropylene Hollow Braid Rope
Retail: $49.95
Your Price:$44.95
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

Ground Socket Plug for SurePost
Retail: $12.95
Your Price:$10.50
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

Plastic Safety, Event, Construction and Snow Fence
Retail: $149.95
Your Price:$51.98

0 Reviews

Knitted Barrier Polyethylene Fencing BF05
Retail: $98.90
Your Price:$89.98
Signature Fencing

0 Reviews

Products 1-11 of 11



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