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Bird & Wildlife Control Supplies

Birds and other unwanted wildlife in unwanted or unsafe areas can cause serious problems for all sorts of areas, from airports to gardens. You want to protect sensitive areas, without causing harm to the animals themselves. That’s why we offer wildlife control solutions and bird repellents that are humane, eco-friendly, and effective while keeping nuisance/pest animals away from off-limits areas.

Our Bird Netting offers superior strength and is ideal for zero-tolerance zones. Bird nets also work for more than just birds, but you can’t really call something “bird, bat, skunk, raccoon and deer netting” can you? Bird Spikes may look fearsome, but do not harm birds. Instead, these repellers make surfaces uncomfortable, uninviting, and intimidating so birds won't land on them. These bird nets and repellants are ideal for stadiums, bridges, warehouse ceilings, eaves and rafters, roofs and chimneys, gardens, parking lots and garages, support structures, statues, gutters, pipes and more.

For a more technologically savvy solution, Sonic & Ultra Sonic Repellers create audio threats that frighten, disorient and irritate birds and animals, conditioning them to stay away from an area for good. Surface Repellers are often liquid or gel based, applied to a surface to keep birds off of signs, billboards, ledges, beams and other areas where they can congregate and be a nuisance.

Finally, there are also good old-fashioned Visual Repellers such as owl, coyote and alligator decoys, that provide a cost-effective solution for open areas where they can easily be seen by approaching birds, and can increase the effectiveness of other repellent methods when used concurrently.

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